Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Rarities #4: Green Day American Idiot (2004)

Despite this being released only last year, it has become a Rarity in my books. Most Limited Edition releases are not really that limited, and you would still be able to find them at some CD shops more than a year after they are released, but in this case, they are completely sold out all over Singapore.

Of course, American Idiot is the album that catapulted Green Day back to the charts and made them relevant again, after being in the doldrums since the release of their last great album, Nimrod, in 1997. Since Nimrod, they have released the moderately successful Warning (2000), a greatest hits album, International Superhits! (2001), and a compilation of B-Sides, Shenanigans (2002).

American Idiot is a concept album and political statement that has its arrows pointing at the Bush administration, with the title track and lead single making a fool of the American idiot. No prizes for guessing who they're talking about.

This album is a great revival for Green Day and already, the first 3 singles have hit Number 1 on the Modern Rock chart, which is quite a remarkable feat. My favourite song off the album is Wake Me Up When September Ends, poised to be their 4th single. Expect it to hit Number 1 too.

This limited edition package comes in the size of a DVD case and includes a full-colour 52-page hardcover book housing the CD within it. The lyrics are written on a notebook style ala Kurt Cobain's Journals. If you see this being sold anywhere in Singapore, let me know. I'll buy it again.


At 8:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's definitely an amazing album :) do u have any idea where i can find it now??? I u do, please e-mail a link to me so that I can buy it, I'm desperate for it!!!! My e-mail is :) pleasepleaseplease

At 10:35 pm, Blogger Son of a Gan said...

Hi, I'm afraid I haven't seen this anywhere else, besides the copy I have. And unfortunately I don't have a spare copy, or I'll sell it to you. :(


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