Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Collectibles #4: Oasis Don't Believe The Truth (2005)

This 6th studio album by Oasis sees them returning to top form, outlining why they have remained a staying force in the UK over the past 11 years. Since the release of their debut album Definitely Maybe in 1994, Oasis have hit Number 1 on the album charts with each release. Their two other non-studio albums, The Masterplan (a collection of B-sides) and Familiar To Millions (live album) hit the Top 5 as well. Besides, Oasis' singles have charted impressively as well. To date, they have notched eight Number 1 singles, nine Top 5 singles and two Top Ten singles.

Don't Believe The Truth marks Oasis' return, and already, the first two singles have hit Number One. Lyla might not be an obvious choice for a lead single but it showcases a different side of Oasis, sounding like a throwback to The Beatles. The follow-up single, The Importance Of Being Idle, has Noel singing in a falsetto for some parts of the song, a welcome change and it displays his singing chops too. The latest single is Let There Be Love, and you can expect it to heat up the charts too.

This limited edition of the album contains a bonus DVD featuring interviews with Oasis about each track of the album. Strangely, they didn't talk about Lyla. It provides some nice insights about the making of the album. It also includes the music video for Lyla.

This package can still be found in most stores and it is not selling out as fast as it's supposed to be. Perhaps after two botched attempts to hold a concert here in Singapore, fans are a little apprehensive about Oasis. However, this album is a good listen and it's certainly their best since their (What's The Story) Morning Glory masterpiece ten years ago.


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