Friday, August 26, 2005

Rarities #7: Sarah McLachlan Surfacing/Mirrorball (1999)

This is the exclusive limited edition pack of Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing album, which comes with the Mirrorball album bundled together as well. Mirrorball is a live CD and it was released after Surfacing, but some good marketing people decided to bundle them together and sell them as one, which is a tremendously good idea.

So here you get 2 CDs for the price of one. And this package was really quite limited in quantities and it sold out really fast. So if you happen to have this, lucky you.

Of course, Surfacing contained the big hits Adia, Building A Mystery and Angel, taken from the City Of Angels soundtrack. Other gems include the lovely I Love You, Do What You Have To Do and Sweet Surrender. So it's a preety good album.

What's even better, McLachlan sounds even more superb live, as you can really witness her power strong and clear. And I dare say she improved on her version of Angel on the Mirrorball disc. Mirrorball also contained an unreleased track, I Will Remember You, which won her a Grammy Award as well.

In fact, Mirrorball is like a greatest hits disc, and I would recommend it over Surfacing, wince the best tracks from Surfacing can be found at Mirrorball as well. Having the crowd sing along to Ice Cream is pretty damn cool too.


At 1:25 am, Blogger sottovoce said...

mirrorball is out of this world! =)
i'm still eyeing the surfacing/solace(?) double album offer at HMV. hope the offer doesn't run out soon!

before all the fuss about corrinne may, there was sarah. and sarah still rocks. i cried during "angel" in city of angels.

At 12:44 am, Blogger xxx said...

My favourites are I Love You, Do What You Have To Do and Hold On. Sarah McLachlan has superb control and mixes her delivery with finesse, strength, sophistication and melancholy. She's definitely my favourite singer!

At 1:52 pm, Anonymous ayu said...

this album is seriously too good to be true.
my fav hit gotta be i love you.

At 1:03 am, Blogger Son of a Gan said...

Hi Ayu: Yes, I Love You is superb. It's so tender and heart-wrenching. It's super hard to pick just one fave, but that is definitely near the top.


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