Monday, July 20, 2009

Rarities #37: Michael Jackson - Someone Put Your Hand Out (Cassette, 1992)

After years of searching, I've finally found this copy of the exclusive Pepsi release of Someone Put Your Hand Out. This cassette was produced in limited quantities for the Dangerous World Tour, which Pepsi sponsored, hence their big logo at the back.

I got a copy from a friend about 10 years ago, but it came without the casing, so here's finally one with the outer casing, and it's still sealed, so I'm doubly happy.

At that time, Someone Put Your Hand Out was not released officially on any album, so this was the only original recording of it. In 2004, The Ultimate Collection was released, which was a 4CD+DVD package chronicling MJ's entire body of work (well, not entire, because for some strange reason The Love You Save was not included). And this song was available on CD for the first time.

It's a great song but it was never released to radio. MJ however, did use the instrumental of the song as an interlude during the Dangerous Tour. His vocals here are tender and syrupy, and it has a nice melody with a laid back feel.

Side B of the tape contains the Dangerous Medley, highlighting seven tracks from the Dangerous album. However, not all the highlighted songs were released as singles - Can't Let Her Get Away and Dangerous were not singles; Jam, Will You Be There and Gone Too Soon aren't in here.



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