Friday, May 02, 2008

Collectibles #21: Thriller Limited Japanese Single Collection (2008)

This is the exclusive singles collection of the Thriller 25 album, released only in Japan. Unlike the proper Thriller 25 album reissue, this collection does not contain the new remixes or the DVD of music videos, but instead, it contains the 7 singles released from the original Thriller 25 years ago.

It's a superb and beautiful package. The CDs are housed in a hard cover box, and each of the 7 singles come in an individual plastic cover. The sleeves of the CD are the exact replicas of the original vinyl records' artwork. Of course back then, vinyl was still very much the dominant medium.

Not only that, at the back of the individual CD cardboard sleeve, there is also a round hole cut in the middle so that it really looks like a vinyl sleeve. And the print on the disc itself is also how a vinyl record would look like, so it's really really cool. You can't find a more elegant box set than this. The Japanese are really good at packaging.

As mentioned, the songs contained in this package is different from the Thriller 25 reissue. Here, you get just 2 tracks on each CD, with the A-side being the main single, and the B-side being a previously unreleased track, instrumental version, live track or a song from Off The Wall that didn't manage to be released as a single.

In other words, the A and B side follows the tracklisting of the original single released 25 years ago. So you get Can't Get Outta The Rain, a B-side from The Girl Is Mine single, which was never released on CD format before previously.

This is a really neat and elegant package that is so worth the money. You can only get it in Japan and nowhere else. So the next time you have a friend going to Japan, ask them to get it for you. It's really nice.

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