Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rarities #14: Bon Jovi Someday I'll Be Saturday Night Tin Box Single (1994)

The rarity for today is a Bon Jovi Someday I'll Be Saturday Night tin box single. This item is super rare and I have never seen it anywhere before. The words are embossed on the cover itself and there is no booklet insert. The disc is protected by 2 pieces of sponge stuck on the inside of the tin box.

Someday I'll Be Saturday Night is one of the two new songs off Bon Jovi's greatest hits compilation, Cross Road. The other new song was of course, Always, which was a big, big hit for them. In fact, Always is my number one favourite Bon Jovi song.

Someday is a great track too, giving further cred that they're not just recording two token new tracks to sweeten the greatest hits release, as we have seen so many other artistes do. As such, it fully deserves being released as a single.


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