Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rarities #23: Janet Jackson janet. (1995)

This is the special Australia Tour edition of the album, containing a bonus CD with 5 tracks. I have previously featured another edition of this album under Rarities #8, but these 2 versions are not the same.

The reason why I'm feeling a sudden wave of pro-Janet is because I just caught Britney's opening performance for this year's MTV VMAs. And true to what everyone has described, her performance was sluggish, she looked out of sorts, she was lip-syncing. In short, she didn't give it her all and it was a far cry from her truly impressive performance just 5 years ago.

And looking at it just brought me (and a lot of other Janet fans) into thinking that Janet can do it so much better. Here's a clip of Janet in 1993 showing exactly how it should be done:

This was certainly one of Janet's best live performances and it really tore the house down. Brit, you still got a lot to learn girl!

Since I'm in the mood for youtube, here's elder brother Michael in 1995 showing us the proper way to open an MTV VMA show:

That's how you do it, the Jackson way. Gosh, I miss those days.

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