Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Singles #10: Michael Jackson Give In To Me (1993)

Give In To Me features Slash on guitars and he gives a blistering performance on this track. Since the Dangerous album, MJ has built up a close friendship with the ex-Guns 'N Roses guitarist, with Slash contributing to the HIStory and Invincible albums as well as performing onstage with MJ on several occasions.

The music video also features Slash, taking place in an indoor concert. It attempts to recreate the performance video, much in the vein of Dirty Diana four years ago, which is one of the greatest performance videos ever.

I have 2 versions of the single, both with the same tracklisting but slightly different CD art. The cover art for both art the same.

The three tracks on this single are the "hard rock" MJ songs, each featuring a famous guest guitarist. Beat It features Eddie Van Halen from Van Halen, Dirty Diana features Steve Stevens, who was Billy Idol's former guitarist, and of course we have Slash from GNR.

The former two songs reached #1 on the Hot 100 but Give In To Me didn't manage to replicate that success. It was never released in the US but instead peaked at #2 in the UK. This is strange because the video for Give In To Me premiered during the Oprah interview, which had an audience of close to 100 million viewers.


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