Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rarities #39: Bon Jovi - These Days Japan A4 Book 2CD Edition (1996)

One of the gems I uncovered during my Japan trip, found this at a second hand store in Tokyo. This is a rare Japan only edition of Bon Jovi's 1995 studio album, These Days.

Released in 1996, it comes in an A4 size hard cover book, with 64 pages of rare photos, lyrics, essays, videography, discography for the band and solo projects, all in Japanese text. The These Days CD is the 14 track version.

Best of all, there's a bonus CD titled Karaoke Days, a 4-track minus one CD containing instrumental versions of These Days, Bed Of Roses, Someday I'll Be Saturday Night and In These Arms. It's not exactly "karaoke" as you can't change the key of the songs, but they're essentially instrumental tracks with the lead vocals removed. The backing vocals are still there.



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