Monday, April 09, 2007

Collectibles #14: Arcade Fire Neon Bible (2007)

Neon Bible is Arcade Fire's second album, following Funeral. Actually I don't know much about Arcade Fire, and yes, I have not listened to this album yet. But I bought it because I saw that this special limited edition version of the album is flying off the shelves rapidly. And apparently it got 5 stars from 8 Days. But 8 Days' music reviews ain't that reliable. But still, you might wanna get this version of the album before it really disappears.

Anyway, the package is housed in a cardboard box with a hologram cover that shows you the "neon" bible as you tilt the box and view it at different angles. Inside the box are two flip books - those that contain a series of images and you have to flip them real fast continuously to see the image moving. Yeah, but those are rather useless stuff I must say.

The disc is housed in a plastic slip case, and there's also a booklet containing lyrics. The postcard that you see in the last pic is not included but it's a promo postcard by Universal Music publicising the album release.


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