Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rarities #20: Garbage (1995)

'Nuff said about the hits and how good the songs were. This post shall be about my memories of the albums and the songs in it.

Can still remember the time when I was a huge fan of the 987FM weekly chart show, Top 10 On 10, which was hosted every Friday night. It was a one-hour countdown and it started at 8pm I think. I would rush home to listen to it, and even bring a portable radio to the bathroom to listen to it while I was showering!

Anyway, point is, I remember the time when the DJ was commenting about this new band and how they came up with their name. They said they applied with some registry and there were 2 names available. One of them was "Garbage" and the other was something I can't remember. But they chose Garbage anyway.

I also remember being a little superstitious, and whenever we had some outdoor event or concert, I would try very hard not to think about the song Only Happy When It Rains. Of course, trying not to think about it made it much harder not to think about it. But thankfully, it didn't rain most of the time when the tune inadvertently drifted into my head.

There was once when my sister's friends were staying over at our place, and the song Stupid Girl came on the radio. Being very cheeky, I told one of her friends that the song was dedicated to her. She was more in tune with Mandarin pop so she hadn't heard of the song before. So she put her ears to the speaker and tried to hear what song it was.

She kept asking me what it was cos I think the radio didn't have very good reception as well. So finally when the chorus came, I told her "There! It describes you!" She still didn't get it until a few times later. But she wasn't pissed lah haha.

When Garbage popped by Singapore for a concert at the now-defunct Harbour Pavillion, I remember the picture on the cover of Life! the following day was one of Shirley Manson in front of a mic stand draped with the pink feather boa, just like the one on the album cover. I wish I had gone for that.

So yeah, those were my memories of Garbage and their debut album. And that was 12 years ago can you believe it. If you have Garbage stories to share, please feel free to leave your comments. I'm sure it'll be interesting to hear them. :)


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