Monday, April 25, 2005

You Oughta Know: Kylie Minogue - Showgirl Greatest Hits Tour on June 17th!

The first big act to arrive on our shores this year belongs to the ever-irresistable Kylie Minogue. The Showgirls tour comes in support of her latest Greatest Hits album, and you can expect her to perform her biggest hits during the show.

Anytime you have a concert advertisement taking up one full page of the Straits Times, you know it's gonna be huge, just like the last time Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey came. Check out the ad on page H5 of the Home Section today.

Tickets are going at $178, $148, $128, $98 and $58, excluding the $2 SISTIC handling fee of course.

Personally, I feel that the $148 tickets would be the best buy, if you're not intending to get the top dollar that is. The $128 seats are not that near and it's only $20 cheaper, so it's not worth it. $98 tickets would be 2nd choice. But if you're there only for the spectacle, then get the $58 tickets, but buy early, or Kylie will appear even smaller than she already is.

More About Kylie
Kylie enjoyed a revival in the past 5 years with the release of her Light Years album, which spawned the hits On A Night Like This, Please Stay, Spinning Around and Kids (with Robbie Williams). It didn't hurt that she got to perform during the Olympics Opening Ceremony either (or was it Closing Ceremony?).

It was followed by an even more successful album, Fever, which gave us the mega hit Can't Get You Out Of My Head, which prevented MJ's You Rock My World single from reaching the summit of the UK singles chart back in 2001. The album also featured the groovy In Your Eyes, sexy Come Into My World, and lovely Love At First Sight.

Her latest studio album, Body Language, didn't do as well, but I loved the song Slow, which is really sensual and seductive...Red Blooded Woman and Chocolate were minor hits as well.

Of course, Kylie's career spans more than just these 3 albums in the past 5 years. She's been around for more than 20 years, with earlier hits like Locomotion and Especially For You. The Showgirls Tour will be a nice walk down memory lane, and you can expect a top-class show with dazzling lasers and fireworks. So grab your tickets to the biggest show this year now!


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