Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Michael Jackson: A lose-lose situation

I'm sure everyone would know by now that Michael Jackson is facing the biggest test of his life: he is awaiting the verdict from the jurors on whether or not he is guilty of the child-molestation and conspiracy charges. The jury has been deliberating for the past three days and so far no conclusion has been reached. If he is pronounced guilty, he can face more than 20 years in jail.

That is of course a scary proposition for anybody, let alone celebrities like MJ. And we're not talking about any other celebrity here. It's MICHAEL JACKSON we're talking about. For one, I simply cannot imagine how he will cope in prison, without the luxuries he has been enjoying since he earned his first million under the age of 15.

But that is another matter. Regardless of whether he is acquitted or pronounced guilty, I believe he is at a lose-lose situation.

If he is declared innocent, people will say: the jury sure kelong one! He must have bought them off and treated them to unlimited ferris wheel rides at Neverland! It's a cover-up!

But if he is pronounced guilty, people will say: About time this sexless, child-molester is put behind bars! The last time he got away, he was lucky!

So I believe MJ will forever be in a losing situation no matter what the verdict is. There is an article on MTV that reads: Forget the scandals, MJ's legacy as a performer is untouchable. It is a pretty good read and it reminds people why MJ is such a big star in the first place. It is because of his talent and genius as a musician and performer that made the world stand up and take notice of him, and sadly, this aspect of him has been neglected by the press and people who put out what you read.

No matter what the verdict is, I wish that people will look past the scandals and appreciate MJ for his talents and his contributions to the world of pop. I wish him all the best of course. The verdict should be out by the end of this week. Brace yourself.


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