Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You Oughta Listen...

Tunes rocking my world lately...must check out!

1. Resolve by Foo Fighters
Third single off Foos' In Your Honor album, this is a slow burner. I thought it was too poppy at first, and it was just another of their ballads. But it really grew on me and I think the whole song structure is very well constructed. The melody and counter-melody just melds together at the last portion of the song. And the tune is damn good to sing along too.

2. No Way Back by Foo Fighters
Fourth and latest single by Foos. You can catch the video on MTV right now. It's got good energy and power, and Foos really rock hard on this one. Would love to perform this someday.

3. Dakota by Stereophonics
This song is not that new also, but it's the lead single off their most recent album, Language.Sex.Violence.Other? I liked it when I first heard it, but my love for it was reignited when local cover band Kruger performed it live recently. Not everyone will like it I guess, but it works for me.


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