Tuesday, January 09, 2007

140 Y.O. (20 Y.O. x 7)

Well, I think I must be the biggest Janet fan in Singapore. I have 7 different copies of her latest album, 20 Y.O., how about that? Can you beat it???

Here's the Japanese version, complete with obi strip and still sealed. As usual, they reserve the best stuff for the Japanese, and there are 2 bonus tracks in this edition: Roll Witchu and Days Go By.

I have heard Roll Witchu and it's not bad, but I haven't heard Days Go By, and I can't bear to open this package, so it shall remain in wraps.

Below is the Special Edition CD/DVD set, which is the most expensive of all. The packaging is quite well done. Love the gold embossed box. The DVD content is rather good too, the best being the Dancer's Auditions and the Making of Call On Me video.

Below is the regular edition, which is actually different from the regular edition in other countries, which is non-shiny and like the Japanese version cover. So we actually have something rather special here.

Below are the 4 fan covers, which is part of the contest where fans can submit their designs, and the best 4 designs chosen by Janet herself will be printed as covers for the first 1 million copies. These versions are from the US only.

This first one is the ugliest of them all. Sorry Janet, but this design is really bad. It is quite simple, which is perfectly fine, but the fonts used and the colour scheme are just bad.

This next one is not much better, the main culprit being the font used again. Using Janet's lips as the "0" is a nice idea, but the font totally spoils it.

I actually like this one because it is simple and elegant. Black and white is classy.

This one below is my favourite of the 4 covers. You can't really see from here because the sticker is obscuring the image, but Janet is actually looking down at her T-shirt, and there's a pic of herself (from the Pleasure Principle video) on the T-shirt.

It's a way of saying she's looking back on her past 20 years in the business, an introspection. Nice idea and good job superimposing the pic on the tee.
And there you have my 7 copies of the album. Yes, I've been dumb enough to buy all 7, but what can I do? I'm a fan!


At 7:53 am, Blogger Jessica said...

Since you seem like a JJ expert, I was wondering if you knew what the song was that Gil and Janet used when teaching the choreography in the Dance Auditions? (before final rounds) The beat is kickin' and I would love to know what song that is so I can get it. Thanks!

At 11:41 am, Blogger Son of a Gan said...

Hi Jessica, thanks for posting a comment! I went to take a look at the DVD, and unfortunately that's not a Janet song so I don't know what it is. But it does sound like a Ciara song.

But if you're referring to the song that was used during the callback part, that's If by Janet, off her janet album.

Glad to hear from you. Let me know if you got the name of the song. I'll look our for it too!


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