Friday, May 09, 2008

Hot Buzz: Usher - Love In This Club

I'm hooked onto Usher's new single, Love In This Club. It's the first single to be taken off his forthcoming album, Here I Stand, due to be released on 27 May.

Here I Stand is the follow-up to the mega-selling Confessions, which spawned a massive four number one hit singles. Judging by the response to Love In This Club, it looks like Usher is poised for more success.

Love In This Club has already hit the summit of the Billboard Hot 100, replicating the chart success of Confessions' lead single, Yeah! While not as banging as Yeah!, Love In This Club has a nice synthesizer riff in the background, and a nice melody that sticks with you.

It features a rapper as well, Young Jeezy this time instead of Ludacris, and the rap fits the song quite well. The song might not hit you the first time, but give it a few spins and you'll be hooked on it, I guarantee!


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