Monday, June 29, 2009

Remember The Time (Part 4)

As mentioned in my earlier post, MJ's death has led to a massive buying spree of his back catalog, and the result is that he has broken quite a few records, yet again.

In Singapore, Thriller 25 has jumped to #1 on the HMV charts. The only reason why his other titles didn't chart is simply because they were low on stock. However, you can bet that HMV, like all the other retailers all over the world, will be frantically ordering stock this week to meet demand. And we should then see the other titles charting as well.

However, it is in the UK where MJ's really making waves. Not surprisingly, he topped the UK album charts, but with which album? Number Ones of course.

This best-of compilation was released in November 2003, right when the second wave of child molestation charges surfaced. Worldwide, the album has sold 6 million copies already. This figure is expected to rise significantly now.

MJ also placed a total of 7 albums in the Top 75. Even more impressive is the Singles charts, where a massive 43 out of the top 200 singles feature MJ either as a solo artist or as the Jackson 5 or The Jacksons. The highest charting song is Man In The Mirror, reaching #11. This song was originally released in January 1989, that's more than 21 years ago.

All in all, MJ accounted for over 300,000 albums and singles sold in just 2 days. As the media coverage of MJ's death shows no signs of abating (expect many more magazine covers to be published in the next month), MJ is sure to make his presence felt for a long while.

Meanwhile, check out the wonderful special commemorative issue of TIME magazine out on newstands now. I bought 2 copies...

Newsweek was also quick to jump on the bandwagon. However, the Newsweek one is just an article, not an entire issue dedicated to MJ, so I only bought one copy.

In Singapore, 8 Days and i-Weekly also worked OT over the weekend and put MJ on the cover. I don't have pics but you can get them at newstands all over Singapore now. The firsts of many more to come...



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