Saturday, June 25, 2005


I have been waiting for this perfect moment to start blogging here.. and this is it.

Finally! A perfect top 3 album of pure unadulterated rock n roll! (actually not really, Coldplay kinda spoils it a little. ) But its ok. I shall settle for less.. considering the pathetic state the music industry is in.. *sigh*.

Anyway since its my inaugural blog debut i shall blah a little more about songs that have been going off in my head for the past couple of weeks (not playing in my head but literally blasting in my ear from my iPod.)

1) I hope its not too small but then people who are free enough to read this blog should have adjusted to the teeny tiny words many blogs are so fond of flaunting. And yes you have not read wrongly. Its The Killers. Unfortunate name, but if you think about so many other band names that have emerged (Linkin Park? Limp Bizkit? Whats wrong with spelling things out in full?!) The Killers actually sound pretty damn nice. And yes the songs are great with strong riffs and an 80s vibe to it, so try it and see if it goes down well.


Second group of songs: Goo Goo Dolls! (If you're wondering why the songs are in groups its cos i play the iPod by artists.. so lazy to change lah) By and by i've just discovered their live album, and i LOVE live albums. Something about them that brings out the vibe in a band. To me a band will be good if its good live. Anyway, this parricular 4th July was pinssing down with rain, and the concert went on despite the rain. So, if it sounds good its double the credit. Oh and if you don't like the Goos. you can go bang your head against the wall cos they are FINE.


RHCP. Live. No need for words. (In case you're wondering Live at Slane was ripped from the DVD concert. So, yes, i'm a bootlegger of sorts.)


Oh i have to introduce this band called Tha Album Leaf. If you watch the OC you'll recognize a lot of the tracks, which are mostly instrumental pieces with lush soundscapes. If you're looking for moody pieces to accompany your temperament for those rainy days, this is it. (Try the highlighted track, its one of my faves.)

After all the songs above i would have completed my lousy commute from my home to my workplace and my iPod would be sadly quiet in my bag until it comes alive on the commute home. And all the songs added up will tell you my travelling time from Simei to lousy Buona Vista. Bah! Freaking 1 hour journey. It kills i tell you. Thats why the shortest lives belong to commuters. Its actually like smoking if you think about it, just that instead of every cigarette its every commute. And i suspect commuting might even be worse than a ciggie. Well, all i gotta say is, poor smoking commuters. ='(

Before i sign off here's a pic of ol' Jimmy Page when he was young. Which just reminds me i have to replace my guitar strings. Poooey.

Until next time.


At 11:49 pm, Blogger Son of a Gan said...

Finally finally finally! Was wondering when you would make your debut! Haha, great, at least this blog won't be so quiet now! Looking forward to more posts from you, co-contributor!


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