Sunday, July 10, 2005

You Oughta Listen: Hot hot hot tracks

1. Virginia Moon - Foo Fighters featuring Norah Jones
2. In The Morning - The Coral
3. Only - Nine Inch Nails
4. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine - The Killers

The reason why this column hasn't been updated for so long is because there haven't been many blazing tracks in the past month. It's as if summer is gone and now we're left with all the B-grade movies.

But anyway, you really need to listen to Virginia Moon!!! It's one hell of a beautiful song, and it is a collaboration between (gasp!) Foo Fighters and Norah Jones, 2 of the strangest bedfellows you'll ever first mention.

However, upon listening to the track, you'll realise that it isn't a mismatch at all. In fact, they complement each other very well, and the track doesn't feel out of place in Foo Fighters' In Your Honor album, the acoustic side.

Dave Grohl said that he had this song for about 9 years now, but as it didn't seem to fit into any of their previous albums, he held on to it. Glad that he finally released it. It's really good, you gotta listen to it yourself.

In The Morning is by The Corals, and I confess I haven't heard of this band yet. I caught whiff of this song on the radio, which is pretty amazing since I don't listen to much radio these days, and even more amazing that radio has stuff that I actually like. So I can't really say much about them, just that it's a nice song that's pretty laid back and melodious, a bit like Sugar Ray's Every Morning.

Only is the second single off Nine Inch Nails' With Teeth album, after the enormously successful The Hand That Feeds. It is neo-retro, with a simple but interesting drum beat and some 80's synthesizer sounds. The Only single will come with the master tracks for the song, where users can mix the tracks and experiment on their own to come up with their own remixes of the song. This is quite cool, but you need to software to do so.

NIN did the same for the previous single and it was quite successful, with many fans sending them their work, so they decided to do it again. And I am kicking myself hard now for not buying The Hand That Feeds single, after seeing it in HMV and deciding not to buy it cos I wasn't that into the song yet...argh, it's sold out everywhere! So whoever has that single please sell it to me!

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine is not a single actually, and it is quite old already, appearing on The Killers' debut album, Hot Fuss. I only got to know this song after attempting to jam it with my band, and I got hooked onto it slowly. After listening to this song, I now think that The Killers is actually not bad. So take a listen to it.


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