Wednesday, August 31, 2005

MTV Video Music Awards 2005 Recap

So the MTV Video Music Awards has come and gone, and let's see how I fared with my predictions a month ago:

- Video of the Year
My prediction: Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani)
Winner: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Green Day)

- Best Male Video
My prediction: Jesus Walks (Kanye West)
Winner: Jesus Walks (Kanye West)

- Best Female Video
My prediction: Hollaback Girl
Winner: Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson)

- Best Group Video
My prediction: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Winner: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

- Best Dance Video
My prediction: 1, 2 Step (Ciara)
Winner: Lose Control (Missy Elliott)

Well, what can I say? I scored 2 out of 5! Not the best score of course, but hey, at least I got 2 categories correct!

As you might have known by now, Green Day swept the VMAs, winning 7 out of 8 nominations. Frankly speaking, I never expected Green Day to dominate as the Boulevard video was only so-so, I felt. But the VMAs are not always about the best video winning the prize (think 1995 when MJ's Scream lost out to TLC's Waterfall for the big gong). It's also about which artiste is hot and whether they have had an exceptional year or not.

It has been a remarkable comeback for Green Day, as they vanished into oblivion after their Nimrod album, only to surface with American Idiot last year and reclaiming their place in rock. This has been Green Day's year, just like 2004 was Usher's year.

As for Gwen, I'm disappointed that she didn't win more than the 2 minor awards. I think that the video is bold and colourful and it really brings the song to another level. But too bad the best video doesn't always win.

As for the show itself, there didn't seem to be any outrageous moments. No scandals or controversies that have been the highlights of the previous years. This is America post-Nipplegate, remember.

Anyway, they will be broadcasting the 2005 VMAs on Starhub Channel 20, MTV channel soon. I can't remember the date, but I know it is on a Saturday. I'll be recording it as usual, although I don't expect an explosive show. Alright, that's all for now, seeya!


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