Friday, September 23, 2005

Essentials #1: Garbage

Hi everyone...welcome to this new section, Essentials, where I present to you an artiste's absolutely best other words, their essential recordings. I've been wanting to do a section like this for some time now, and I hope it will help you create your playlists on your iPods or Zens or whatever mp3 player you have...or if you're still stuck in the stone age, you can burn these tracks onto a CD-R.

Anyway, much thought has been given into the selection of the best tracks of the artiste's career...and I mean only the best. It's doesn't matter if a song hit #1, but if it sucks, it's not going to appear here. Similarly, even if the song was not released as a single, it can appear here. The order of the songs is also carefully thought out. Ok you get the idea. So without further ado, here's the first edition of Essentials...enjoy...

The Essential Garbage
  1. Why Do You Love Me
  2. Stupid Girl
  3. Push It
  4. Only Happy When It Rains
  5. Temptation Waits
  6. I Think I'm Paranoid
  7. When I Grow Up
  8. Special
  9. Androgyny
  10. Dumb
  11. Hammering In My Head
  12. Supervixen
  13. Shut Your Mouth
  14. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
  15. Queer
  16. #1 Crush
  17. Drive You Home
  18. Milk
  19. You Look So Fine


At 3:24 pm, Blogger FriendlyGuy1212 said...

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At 7:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice blog enjoyed it :)

Keep up the excellent work! and i bookmarked u!

so cant wait for ur next post! :)


At 5:35 pm, Blogger Son of a Gan said...

Thanks! I'll try to update it more often, but my exams are round the corner so it'll be at least 2 more weeks before I start blogging regularly again. Sorry about that!


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