Friday, March 06, 2009

This Is It

Michael Jackson has just announced that he will be performing live in London this July at the O2 Arena, and it will be his final curtain call in London. Hence, This Is It.

He is expected to play 10 shows, starting from 8 July. Ticket prices and exact dates are not known yet, as well as whether it will be extended beyond the 10 shows. And it's also unclear whether the "final curtain call" refers to London only, or to the rest of the world too.

In any case, I'm going. To London. To O2. To watch Michael Jackson. Again. This Is It.

The press con was supposed to start at 12mn Singapore time but didn't happen till 1:30am. And MJ appeared onstage for less than 4 minutes. Typical, haha.

Ok, I'll be checking out the flight prices and and doing some quick planning because the concert tickets will be going on sale next Friday, 13 March. Must move fast!

Welcome back, Michael!

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