Friday, September 11, 2009

This Really Is It

Following yesterday's announcement that Janet will open the VMAs and perform a tribute to Michael, there are even more good news today.

First, watch this:

It's very, very nicely done. It conveys the meaning across immediately, as everyone knows that the glittery glove was MJ's trademark. The idea that it's raining gloves is also very creative, very MTV. A nice touch of humour. It also means that MJ has never really left us and he's up in the heavens now watching over us and continuing to touch us in a way only he can.

I've been expecting MTV to do something like that for a long time since this year's VMAs were announced, and even though it's quite late, the timing is just about right as it makes the whole world want to tune in this Sunday. I expect the ratings to go through the roof, even much more than the BET Awards.

It will also be helped by the fact that the This Is It trailer will premiere during the VMA telecast, just as I predicted in yesterday's post (which didn't get published till today, grrr). With the New Moon extended trailer premiere and now this, the VMAs will attract both the young and old (in fact MJ attracts people of all ages), and it will be a ratings smash for sure.

Janet's been staging a comeback of sorts this week - appearing on the cover of the upcoming issue of Harper's Bazaar, speaking out for the first time since MJ's death, and staging a high-profile performance that will be watched by hundreds of millions around the world. She just wrapped up filming of How Did I Get Married Too? and is working on a new album, book and possibly tour.

I really hope this marks a new beginning for Janet and the world will embrace her once again. Before it's too late.



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