Friday, November 19, 2010

What's Rocking My World Lately

Apologies for the super long lag between posts. Here's just a quick shout out on the tunes that are rocking my world lately...

Cee Lo Green - Fuck You
Yet another cheeky song titled Fuck You (the last one was by Lily Allen last year), this song by Cee Lo Green reminds me a lot of Outkast's Hey Ya! Even the music video shares the same retro look and feel. The snappy lyrics and Cee Lo's vocal delivery make this a standout hit.

My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na
I was never a HUGE My Chemical Romance fan, but I think this song and their new album is about to make me a convert. Totally riotous, bold, fun and refreshing. The video is superb too. We need more ground-breakers like this.

Travie McCoy - Need You
If you thought Billionaire was a one-off hit, this follow-up single from Travie's solo album Lazarus will prove you wrong. I like the fact that he uses a real band and instruments, not like 99% of the generic, programmed stuff that's topping the charts all over right now. The video is a little weird though.

Katy Perry - Firework
I liked California Gurls and Teenage Dream, but now I like this the best among them all. Such a great chorus that lifts you up and makes you sing out loud. I like the strings part in the build up to the chorus. The opening line "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?" is quite hilarious, but somehow it works.

Bruno Mars - Grenade
Bruno Mars is surely the most outstanding new artist of the year. He has a tremendous voice, and is a true triple threat - singer, songwriter, producer. He has already scored hits guesting on Billionaire with Travie McCoy, Nothin' On You with B.o.B, and he also co-wrote and produced Cee Lo's Fuck You. This is one artist I'm very looking forward to watching perform live.

Josh Groban - Hidden Away
I think the reason why Josh Groban has been so successful is because he appeals to a wide demographic. He is young, good looking, has a good sense of humour, talented and most importantly, has a great voice that is powerful yet not too stuffy. This song takes a few listens to get to you, but I guarantee you'll love it after 5 spins. The intro reminds me a little of Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow - Shame
Robbie recently reunited with Take That, and this track is from Robbie's latest greatest hits album, not from the Take That album. It's a nice duet and I think their voices complement each other well. Love the melody and harmony vocals.

One more song that is high on my list is Keep Your Head Up by Michael Jackson, which is from the upcoming Michael album. But the song has not been officially released yet (it's been leaked), so I shall not post it here for now. But it's a really good song with meaningful lyrics and a great vocal performance by Michael. His voice was as pure as ever. So happy to hear that.

Alright, I shall attempt to post more before I embark on my Sydney trip in December to watch Linkin Park, U2 and Bon Jovi in concert. I'll post pics of these!


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