Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Janet Jackson's World Tour Will Now Kick Off In Singapore!

I was making plans to go to Hong Kong to watch Janet's concert, but it has just been announced that she will be kicking off her Number Ones Up Close And Personal World Tour in Singapore on 7 February 2011 instead!

Read the announcement here.

Janet posted a message together with the announcement:

“I’ve seen the world, been to many places :). . . the one thing missing was you. We’ll be together in Singapore on February 7th and I can’t wait to sing, dance, and be up close and personal with all of you. Your votes are helping me decide where to bring this very intimate, very different show. It’s not about effects, it’s not an extravaganza, it’s not about being as big as in the past. This one is all about you and me. I love you Singapore. Let’s go!”
Tickets will go on sale on 7 January, so there will be just one month to sell tickets. A bit worrying, if you ask me, given the glut of concerts in the next three months. So far, only Taylor Swift's concert on 9 February has sold out. Even Michael Buble's concert on 9 March (whose last concerts in 2003 and 2005 sold out in a matter of days) is not sold out yet.

The announcement also stated that "this show is Janet more revealed, more intimate, and more personal than ever before. Don't look for special effects. Just look at Janet."

I certainly don't mind having Janet up close and personal with me, but I would still like an explosive show with all-out dance routines, sets, costumes, lights, explosions, kick-ass band and an up-tempo performance from Janet. Not a stripped-down one. I need her to DANCE her ass off!!!

According to an article from The New Paper last Friday, tickets will be priced from S$88 to S$248. It's quite a fair amount, but I hope fans won't be short-changed if she decides to do a really scaled-down production. I will be getting the top price ticket for sure. Hope there's a standing pit!

Ahhh, it's all getting too exciting. First stop of the tour. It's doubly exciting because we will be the first to see the new costumes, the stage setup, the setlist, and Janet's new look. And Singapore will be mentioned in news reports around the world. It's great! I pray that the concert will sell out and everything will go smoothly as planned, and that it is the start of many more awesome shows around the world.

As for the song that Janet will dedicate to each city, since we're the first stop, my choice is Love Will Never Do (Without You), cos it's my favourite Janet song. But Janet might have hinted in her message that the song she will dedicate to Singapore will be Runaway. Which makes sense actually, since it's the first stop of the tour, and she's actually running away from home to be with us here.

Oh man, I'm so excited now I'm thinking I will take leave on 7 February so I can be the first in line to enter the venue, and maybe follow Janet around town too. It will be a super long weekend as we're celebrating Chinese New Year from the previous Thursday (3 Feb), so I'll have plenty of time to follow Miss Jackson around (I prefer not to use the word 'stalk').

I've waited 15 years to watch Janet live and I can't believe it's going to happen in two months' time. And in Singapore too! This is going to be a very good year...

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At 11:10 am, Anonymous Colin Binns said...

The song Janet has dedicated for Singapore is " Some To Call My Lover". Watch out for Straits Times phoner interview with Janet in the next couple of days.

At 11:17 am, Blogger Son of a Gan said...

Hi Colin, thanks for the note. Yeah, I saw the song dedication on janetjackson.com and I'm quite glad actually. I like that song. Oh exciting, can't wait to see the interview on ST!


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