Friday, January 13, 2012

Foo Fighters to rock The Padang in Singapore on 2 March 2012!

It's finally confirmed - Foo Fighters will rock The Padang on 2nd March for an open-air, one night only concert! In fact, it will be their only show in Southeast Asia. Great choice, guys!

Free standing tickets are priced at S$138 (excluding S$3 SISTIC booking fee) and they're on sale at all SISTIC outlets NOW!

The concert has been rumoured for so long and it's great that it's confirmed and they're finally coming back. They were in Singapore for a double bill show with Sonic Youth back in 1996, before they really hit it big. So this is essentially their first "proper" concert in Singapore.

I'm especially excited about this concert because it's at not at the usual Singapore Indoor Stadium but The Padang, where 20,000 people are expected to turn up. Outside of the F1 gigs, there haven't been many concerts being staged at The Padang - the only one that comes to mind is Linkin Park's first concert here in 2004.

And it's a standing-only concert, so it's gonna be one huge moshpit with all the fans bobbing up and down. There better be a catwalk down the middle of the park, so that Dave Grohl can run up and down and interact with the folks at the back (not that I will be there...I will be right at the FRONT).

In today's Life! article, Nate Mendel commented that the show will be almost three hours long and they will play songs from all their albums, with an emphasis on the new record. I can't be happier to hear that. I love the Wasting Light album and I'm dying to hear the songs being performed live, especially Rope, Bridge Burning, White Limo, Arlandria, These Days, Walk and Dear Rosemary. They can perform the whole album for all I care.

I caught their last tour in Perth in April 2008 and it was a fucking awesome show. I have never been so high from a concert before. Foo Fighters will show Singaporeans what real rock & roll is. No one does it better at the moment. Not even U2. This is balls-out rock that will tear the house down.

The countdown to 2nd March begins...

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