Friday, October 26, 2007

Michael Jackson Beat Boxing

Caught a local beatboxer in action during the Overdrive dance party last Saturday, and got a little fascinated about beat boxing. Then I watched Justin Timberlake's music video collection and live concert DVD as well, where there were segments of Justin beat boxing.

And to tell you the truth, Justin's not a good beatboxer. I think he will be ashamed in years to come at his attempts at beatboxer. He must be thinking like it's so cool, but you know what, he's not even up there in terms of beatboxing.

Then I was surfing youtube a while, and I came across MJ's acapella rendition of Who Is It during the Oprah interview in 1993. This is where he does an amazing beatboxing intro of the song, and I couldn't believe that he did all the sounds all by himself!

It's not the conventional hip-hop style beatboxing like the one I heard on Saturday, but MJ does a lot of lip smacking and hiccups on top of the bass line and melody, and it's amazing how he did it altogether. I think not many people even knew that he could do this. You check it out and judge for yourself!

Is he good or is he good?? For more proof, I found a couple more videos.

Beat that, Justin!



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