Saturday, July 26, 2008

Foo Fighters Everlong VMA Fantasy Suite Party

I've been wanting to watch the Foos perform the full band version of Everlong for the longest time, and I finally found one clip where they did it in recent times. Here's the clip from their Fantasy Suite Party performance at last year's MTV Video Music Awards:

They've been playing the half solo-half band version for quite some time now, in their concerts, so I really miss this full band version. It's definitely one of the songs that I would love to play live but haven't had the chance to do so.

Anyway, this year's VMAs is coming soon, on 7 September. And it will be in Hollywood this year, instead of the Palms Resort, Las Vegas last year. While the ratings went up for last year's show, I must say I didn't really like the smaller Fantasy Suite Parties, because they spread the performers over the different locations, and the people in the main hall didn't get the whole show. Well, it was different, but I prefer the spectacle of having all the acts on one big stage. Let's hope this year's show will be better.

For more videos of last year's VMAs and updates about this year's show, visit the MTV website.



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