Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kanye West Glow In The Dark Tour (with updated setlist)

Who: Kanye West
What: Glow In The Dark Tour
When: 29 October 2008
Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium

1. Good Morning
2. Through The Wire
3. Champion
4. I Wonder
5. Heard 'Em Say
6. Get 'Em High
7. Swagga Like Us
8. Put On
9. Can't Tell Me Nothing
10. Diamonds From Sierra Leone
11. Flashing Lights
12. Homecoming
13. All Falls Down
14. Pinocchio Story
15. Heartless
16. Love Lockdown
17. American Boy
18. Touch The Sky
19. Gold Digger
20. The Good Life

21. Jesus Walks
22. Stronger


Mr. West is finally in town for his first performance in Singapore. Previously, the closest he got was a gig in Malaysia 2 years ago, but this time, he decided to bring his critically-acclaimed Glow In The Dark Tour to Singapore instead. And it's the only stop in Southeast Asia. The other 2 stops in Asia are Beijing and Shanghai. So we should feel pretty honoured.

And it wasn't easy getting Mr. West here too. Tonight's show was actually supposed to happen last month, but was postponed due to "scheduling conflicts". No matter, the delay actually gave more time for fans to grab their tickets, and also allowed momentum to build after Kanye premiered his new single, Love Lockdown at the MTV VMAs on 7 Sept.

Opening the show were the 2 finalists from the 987FM Beatboxing Championships. They were pretty good, but DJ KoFlow and beatboxer Dharni were even better, as they took on the stage after them. The crowd, however, wasn't exactly pumped up. As usual...Singaporeans.

They wrapped up their act at 8:50pm and the crew went about re-jigging the stage for Kanye's performance. The house lights dimmed again at 9:15pm, and the crowd got ready to be entranced by Mr. West himself, winner of 10 Grammy Awards no less.

Kanye opened the show with Good Morning, the opening cut to his Graduation album as well. He then followed it with his big hit from his first album, Through The Wire. A pair of cuts from the latest album followed. Perhaps it was the fact that 3 of the opening 4 songs were from the latest album, and the crowd wasn't that familiar with the material yet, so they weren't very pumped up at first.

Kanye also performed a couple of tracks that I don't know what their titles are. Not sure if they're from his forthcoming album, 808s & Heartbreak, or they could possibly be freestyle tracks. But the one where he was accompanied by only a synthesizer, and he knelt down while rapping the entire song, and it was something about his mama (who had passed away earlier this year), was pretty powerful.

2 songs that are confirmed to be on 808s & Heartbreak also got a live airing. Love Lockdown sounded very much better live than when I first heard it on the VMAs. On TV, it was slow and boring. When performed live, the bass and drum beats got to you and the vocal delivery was much more powerful. The song is definitely growing on me now.

He also performed Heartless, which is going to be the 2nd single from the forthcoming album. It might have been the first time he performed it live, to the extent that he requested to re-do it shortly after admitting he "fucked up" the opening line. 

That was candid and demonstrated how committed he is to his craft. I mean, I couldn't even tell that he messed up. And even if I did, I would have forgiven him because he's not familiar with it yet. But he was not pleased with himself so he re-did the song after the flubbing the first lines.

On Heartless, he uses a vocoder to manipulate his voice. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but he sounded like Akon on that one. Or Akon might have contributed his vocals to that song. Not sure yet. We'll have to wait till the album is out before we can find out.

A real surprise was American Boy. Recorded with rising R&B star Estelle, American Boy is a big hit worldwide and he decided to spring it on us as a treat. Thanks Kanye! I enjoyed that.

The crowd-pleasers were obviously the older stuff, like Diamonds From Sierra Leone, Touch The Sky and Gold Digger. Homecoming, featuring Chris Martin (of Coldplay) on pre-recorded vocals, also got a warm welcome.

When he closed the set with Good Life, he left the crowd wanting more. The house lights remained dimmed for a full 5 minutes and the crowd never stopped cheering. For most of the concerts I've been to, the crowd stops cheering after like 1 minute. But today, the crowd was fantastic and kept the cheering going on, really amazing.

Kanye rewarded our persistence with a strong encore performance of Jesus Walks and Stronger. he saved the best for last and brought the show to a climax expertly. When he left the stage for real at 11:10pm, the Singapore fans certainly weren't disappointed with what they had to wait an extra month for.

Closing thoughts:

Having witnessed Kanye's stunning performance at this year's Grammys, and the fact that this concert is titled Glow In The Dark Tour, I was really expecting a lot more fancy lightings and actual glow-in-the-dark gimmicks.

I expected him to put on a jacket that emitted lights, or at the very least, sunglasses that glowed. But there were none. The lightings were decent, but I realy expected a lot more elaborate work. The stage decor was quite minimal too. I just saw a clip of the Madison Square Garden concert on youtube and there were giant, lighted balloons on the side of the stage. How come we don't get the full set of bells and whistles here?

Kanye was decked out in red jeans and a gold jacket. Nice. But like I mentioned, he could have switched up the jacket or did a little costume change halfway.

I think concerts are meant to be heightened the senses, not only aurally but visually as well. There should be spectacle, gimmicks, otherwise we can just watch the DVD at home. Do the cliche stuff - tell the crowd that they're the f-king best he ever has witnessed, strike dramatic poses at the end of the song, tease the audience by taking off the jacket. Do it, the audience loves it.

That's why I'm really hoping to catch Janet's Rock Witchu Tour live. That's what a performance is about. There's choreography, pyrotechnics, smoke, larger-than-life sets, elaborate costumes and more.

Of course, Janet is a different genre and league from Kanye, but in terms of putting up a show, it could have given so much more. 

But having said that, I thought it was a good show. The crowd took some time to warm up, but when he unleashed his big guns in the 2nd half, the crowd lapped it up and it was infectious. Kanye is a dynamic performer and his passion shines through when he performs live. 

You might not like rap, but it doesn't matter because the music's good and you can feel his sincerity. And he makes sure he gives it his all every time. And he sang/rapped a whopping 22 songs, certainly got our moneys' worth. Was expecting his set to top 75 minutes max, but instead, he did clost to 2 hours.

So 5,000 fans went home happy and one thing I can say is: you're always welcome back, Mr. West. Just bring more pyro and glow lights next time!

Special thanks to the various anonymous people who left comments on this post, who provided me with the song titles of the 2 originally unknown songs from the setlist - Swagga Like Us and Pinocchio Story. Cheers!


At 12:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The unknown song (numbered 7 on your set list) is Swagger Like Us. It features a sampling from M.I.A.'s Paper Planes. Swagger Like Us is taken from T.I.'s Paper Trail and the song also features Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. Kanye also played the first half of Paper Planes following Swagger Like Us.

At 11:00 pm, Blogger Son of a Gan said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for enlightening me!

Actually during the concert I did put in my notes that the song might be titled "Swagger Like Us" but I wasn't sure because I'd never heard of it before.

After I came back, I searched for the song title on youtube and found it and listened to it, but I couldn't recall how it sounded like anymore. So I wasn't sure if it was indeed the same track.

Ok, cleared up now! Thanks! I'll update my setlist.

Were you at the show as well? Would you happen to know the other untitled song?

In my notes for that song, I wrote "other fish in the sea/real boy". Ring any bell to you?

At 2:32 am, Anonymous mewk said...

i dont think the other songs a real song, ive been trying to look for it myself and i;ve pretty much concluded that its a freestyle, but theres a video on youtube though.

the audio sucks, but u can make out some of the lines. leave a comment if you can't.

At 5:41 am, Anonymous daniel said...

yeah, i was expecting the big budget stage show from msg, that why i bought tickets for one of his london dates, i hope he has that stage shipped over!!

At 10:56 pm, Blogger Son of a Gan said...

Maybe it's a song from his upcoming new album? Or maybe it's just a freestyle...

Ooh, he's going to London in less than 2 weeks' time...hope he comes out all guns ablazing!

At 9:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other unknown song on your set list is "Pinocchio Story (freestyle live from Singapore)". You can check out his new album, "808 & Heartbreak" on his myspace page. The entire album is streaming live currently on his myspace page.


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