Monday, September 29, 2008

Vintage Jackson

The best thing about YouTube is that it allows vintage videos to be seen once more, videos that would otherwise be lost in time and be forgotten forever. I was randomly surfing around and I came across a few vintage Jackson videos showing the young MJ, Jackson family and even Janet.

In the age of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, the definition of precocious, young talent has changed somewhat. But I look back to the good old days when stars really had to possess real talent to make it big. There was no way you could hide it if you didn't have it. To secure a TV appearance or performance was a big deal. Back in those days, there was no Internet, no YouTube or MySpace. 

The television was the main platform for showcasing moving visuals and everyone watched television. To demostrate your talent to the nation on TV was a litmus test of whether you could make it or not. If you sucked, you can be sure that you wouldn't have another 15 minutes of fame anymore. 

With this frame of mind, it is always amazing to look back at these vintage videos and admire the talent that was put on show here. Bear in mind that they were all teenagers and were blazing a trail for future young pop stars. Before the Jacksons, there was probably only Stevie Wonder who was another successful young protege. 

Enjoy these videos...
(Note: beware of sudden changes in volume. Some clips are louder than others)

I Want You Back - from the Ed Sullivan Show in 1969

Ben - from the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour in 1972

Tribute To Vocal Groups - from the Carol Burnett Show in 1975

I'll Be There and Feelin' Alright - from the Diana Ross Special in 1972

Who's Lovin' You - from the Ed Sullivan Show in 1969

Medley - probably sometime around 1974

The Love You Save - from the Diana! Special in 1971



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