Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Michael Jackson This Is It Footage On MTV Trailer!

How come no one has posted this video or made a lot of noise about it yet???

There's brand new footage of MJ during the This Is It rehearsals, as shown in the MTV VMA news clip!!!

It shows him looking totally healthy and in fine form, performing at full intensity and even sliding across the stage on his knees! It's unbelievable. And the gold pants has returned, but it's even more shiny than ever.

Here are some screengrabs from the trailer.

Thriller zombie dance. The 3D graveyard set is impressive.

Black Or White with hot guitarist Orianthi

Curly wurly body twist

Loving the gold pants

Smooth Criminal

Gliding across the stage, on his knees. Oh my, he still has it.

These stills look like they're from the 3D segments that were specially filmed to serve as interludes between the songs

MJ strikes another of his signature poses

The final curtain call



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