Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rarities #51: Radiohead - Box Set (2007)

This limited edition Radiohead box set contains their entire output with EMI/Parlophone - six studio albums and one live album, in a 7CD collection:
- Pablo Honey
- The Bends
- OK Computer
- Kid A
- Amnesiac
- I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings
- Hail To The Thief

Following the end of their contract with EMI, Radiohead signed with indie label XL Recordings and famously released their first post-EMI album In Rainbows independently online as a digital download, allowing fans to pay for whatever amount they wanted. It was an unconventional social experiment that yielded interesting results - a large number of people actually paid for the album when they could have simply downloaded it for $0, proving that people still value the effort put in by artists to record and release an album.

This box set was released in 2007 soon after In Rainbows, as an attempt to cash in and milk whatever there is left of the Radiohead brand. It is a very common tactic employed by record labels, so honestly, there's nothing wrong with this practice. Over the next few years, EMI would reissue all the albums individually with bonus materials like demos and DVDs.

For this box set, there are no bonus materials, but the albums have been repackaged in digipack sleeves featuring the original artwork.

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