Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rock Witchu Tour Opening First 4 Songs

Here's a kickass video featuring the first 4 songs of Janet's Rock Witchu Tour - The Pleasure Principle, Control, What Have You Done For Me Lately? and Feedback.

It was painstakingly edited by a super Janet fan, using various amateur clips recorded by other fans who then posted them on YouTube. So it really looks like a professional multi-angle concert DVD, albeit with poorer quality and shaky shots. But it's amazing how he can edit the amateur clips together to form a cohesive clip. Must have taken days to do it!

After watching this clip, how can anyone say it's not HOT? I think I would have fainted if I were there watching the concert live. Oh man, contrary to what a lot of people think, I actually really love her skin tight costume and her mohawk. It's really FIERCE. Especially when she says "Eat that SHIT!"

And once again, I will bring up the thing about stage presence. When Janet is on stage, you can't take your eyes off her. She has a magnetic presence and even when she does those big action moves, it doesn't look cheesy because she is so confident of herself.

The opening song, The Pleasure Principle, is a great example. Janet is there doing it by herself and she owns the stage. If another less talented person performed it by herself, you might not be as captivated because she might be self-aware and hold back. But Janet gives it all. The fist pumps are all 100% and every dance move means something.

I also love the Feedback routine, especially the part where she sprawls on the floor in the early part of the song. It's a super sexy and cat-like pose that only she can pull it off.

From this clip, you can tell how much choreography goes into the performance. It's all the more amazing considering that this clip is edited from footage from several performances, it's not all from one same performance. So she basically does the same thing every time. But that's the amazing thing, cos she doesn't look like she's concentrating on her next move, or she gets bored doing the same thing each night. She's a natural.

Sigh, the fate of the Rock Witchu Tour is hanging in the air now. She performed only 16 shows, while the remaining 6 shows that were originally postponed due to her illness have been cancelled and no further announcement has been made whether there will be a second leg to her tour either in the US or overseas. I was really banking on travelling to Japan to watch the show but it seems highly unlikely now.

Actually the ticket sales were not that bad. According to (updated) box office figures reported for 13 of the shows, total attendance was 114,014, which works out to an average of 8,770 fans per show. Not bad at all what! She can sell out our Singapore Indoor Stadium!

And the total gross so far is US$9,917,237. Of course, this figure is not pure profit, but after taking into account all the expenses such as venue booking, crew etc, I'm sure it's still profitable. How can this tour be considered a flop?

Janet, please bring your tour to the rest of the world. Europe, Japan, Down Under, Southeast Asia, we will welcome you with open arms. Janet is a true performer, perhaps even more so than she is a recording artist, so even though her past few albums didn't sell as well, people will still go watch her in concert.

As long as there's no announcement that the tour is officially over, I shall live in hope that there will be a second leg some day. Singaporeans have been spoilt for choice when it comes to concerts recently, but I'm sure Janet will draw them in.

Oh Jan, what have you done for me lately?

(UPDATE: 20 Nov)
Janet will apparently be bringing the tour to Japan next year! Several websites are now reporting that she will do 5 dates in February: 

Feb 14 & 15: Saitama - Saitama Super Arena
Feb 17: Osaka - Osaka-jō Hall
Feb 19: Nagoya - Gaishihoru
Feb 22: Fukuoka - Marine Messe Fukuoka

If this is true, I will book my flight to Osaka soon!!! Hope these are confirmed and that she will be adding more countries to the list. Crossing my fingers that she will tour SEA! If she's performing in Singapore, I will susidise each of my friends $10 to go watch it. And if they enjoyed the show, they must return me the $10. Fair enough right?

Ok, hope the Japan dates are real at least...



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