Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Janet's surprise: Weekend

Even though the countdown clock on Janet's website reached zero, there was still no surprise to be found. I then learnt through reading the forums that the clock is based on US timing, so that everyone will get the surprise at the same time. Which kinda defeats the purpose of the countdown clock, since mine is not based on US time.

But anyway, the surprise has been revealed, and as expected, Janet gave us a peek of her new album by revealing a new track called Weekend. You can hear it right here.

She also posted a new message saying that she has just completed the album and that she's really appreciative of our support over the years.

Anyway, I took a listen at the track already and I'm only so-so about it, to be honest. It's definitely a throw back to the Control album with its 80s sound, but the vocals doesn't work for me. It's too restrained and the melody isn't very catchy either. And it just keeps repeating again and again.

I might be harsh, but I vividly remembering the first time I ever heard All For You, her lead single from the album of the same name five years ago. I remember Power 98 had an exclusive snippet of it and it was just the opening 4 lines of the song, but it was damn catchy and exciting. You can just tell it was going to be a big hit.

But Weekend just doesn't evoke the same feeling. I really hope it isn't going to be the first single. It'll be fun to have it on the album but I sure hope it won't be released as a single. It's hard to make an album that references the Control album and also sounding fresh for today's music scene. Madonna attempted a disco album but she updated the sound, bringing it one step further. I really really hope Janet can do it as well.

The album won't be out till September, so she will still have time to tweak the album and listen to fan response. By the time she's back she will be looking great and sounding great too, I'm sure. Keep your fingers crossed!