Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dance Auditions

As July 8th draws nearer, more details are being revealed about MJ's This Is It series of concerts. Here's an absolutely sizzling sizzle reel showcasing the auditions for the dancers, where over 500 hopefuls travelled across the world to get a shot at sharing the stage with the King Of Pop. In the end, there can only be 12 chosen ones.

I hope I can make it to London this July!!!

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This Is It...Why You Wanna Trip On Me?

Apparently, here's a genuine video of 4 dancers auditioning for the Michael Jackson This Is It concerts this July, and among the songs in the audition is.......Why You Wanna Trip On Me!!!

I was hoping that MJ would perform it live, as he has never done before, and seeing it here makes it all the more likely it's going to happen, though I don't know how authentic this "audition" clip is. Might just be a rehearsal for a school musical or something. Nevertheless, great to see the song incorporated into some kind of routine.

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