Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kanye West's new album to include bonus track recorded live in Singapore?

Kanye West's new album, 808s & Heartbreak, will be released tomorrow, and word has it that it will include a bonus track that was recorded during Kanye's gig in Singapore last month!

This was brought to my attention by an anonymous poster who left a comment in this blog (thanks!), and if it is true, it is very exciting indeed! I mean, Kanye's album is going to sell millions (at least 5 million copies), and the whole world will get to listen to a track that was recorded right here on our sunny island!

The track in question is Pinocchio Story, and it is being listed on all major online retailers such as Amazon and HMV as the 12th track in the album. Previous tracklistings only had 11 tracks. The sites also described it as "Freestyle Live From Singapore".

Apparently, it is being included in Kanye's album because Beyonce liked it so much she asked him to put it in!

However, Pinocchio Story is not listed on Kanye's official website, KanyeUniverseCity. So it remains to be seen whether the story is true or not. I guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out.

But anyway, it is a great track and it was a powerful performance he gave. Sure hope it's in there. Now, I'm really getting quite excited about the's an audio clip of Pinocchio Story performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last month:


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I agree with you totally. I feel that singapore shopping is a great way to relax. Retail therapy I say!


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