Thursday, November 27, 2008

KYLIEX2008 Live In Singapore

Who: Kylie Minogue
What: KYLIEX2008 Live In Singapore
When: 25 November 2008
Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium

1. Speakerphone
2. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
3. In Your Eyes
4. Heartbeat Rock
5. Wow
6. Shocked
7. Loveboat
8. Copacobana
9. Spinning Around
10. I Believe In You
11. Like A Drug
12. Slow
13. 2 Hearts
14. On A Night Like This
15. Your Disco Needs You
16. Kids
17. Step Back In Time
18. In My Arms
19. No More Rain
20. Love At First Sight
21. Better The Devil You Know
22. The One
23. I Should Be So Lucky

The gorgeous Kylie finally made it to our shores. After aburptly pulling out of the Showgirls tour due to her bout of cancer, she made good on her promise to return and boy was she loved. If anything, the delay made her fans clamour for her even more.

8,000 fans packed the Singapore Indoor Stadium, even though ticket prices were exhorbitantly priced, with the cheapest going at $150 and the most expensive going for more than 3 times that amount - $550. 

But as they say, you get what you pay. And I would say everyone who was there would agree that it was money well-spent.

This has got to be the most dazzling spectacle ever. The giant LED projections were out of this world, and they helped set the tone for each of the segments. Instead of building and transporting real props, all they did was just to project the images on screen and you have a new set already.

Like this:

How efficient!

It was a almost like a visual orgy. On the 5-panelled LED screens, you had virtual Kylies, psychedelic designs of all colours, disco balls (looked like it was borrowed from Madonna), fake ballrooms, retro Walkmans and more. There was always something going on on those screens so the whole show went seamlessly, even during her costume changes.

There were several costume changes, and Kylie looked gorgeous in every one of them. She was especially cute in the cheerleader outfit. 

And from what I could see of her from the 2 teeny weeny video screens, Kylie looked flawless. Really flawless for someone her age. And it was all the more amazing she went through chemotherapy and everything, and managed a full recovery. It's really amazing.

Kylie sang live for all the songs and her voice was strong. Some songs were a little piercing but overall the sound system was good enough so she sounded quite good. You could hear her voice better when she sang a few of the songs unplugged for the intro. She was pitch perfect and together with her 2 backup singers, they sounded in harmony.

It was every bit the $16 million production you'd come to expect, and it has to be the concert of the year. However, personally, when it comes down to performance, I feel that Kylie still doesn't compare to Janet or Madonna.

Sure, everything looks super cool and run with clockwork precision, but as a performing artist, Kylie doesn't own the stage or command the attention enough. It might be because she doesn't want to over-exert herself after recovering from her cancer, but she has never been a very dynamic performer.

She doesn't dance that vigourously and maybe it's just her sweety-pie image that is hard to shake off. But she doesn't have the fire or the ferocity like Janet. Kylie's songs are all very nice and radio-friendly, easy to hum and sing along to. But I guess they're more like radio hits. 

Whereas for Janet's songs, they are meant to be performed onstage, and the choreography of the dance is essential to the song. The dance moves become part of the song. Maybe I'm biased because I like song and dance. To me, these 2 elements constitute a performance. And because of this reason, I'm very confident I will enjoy Janet or Madonna's concert more than Kylie's.

But having said that, I did enjoy the concert. It was a very well-run and visually dazzling show that is unrivalled for a Singapore show so far. My favourite song was In My Arms. That was the one that got me on my feet.

I'm glad Kylie made it here and gave Singapore a show to remember. It will be hard to top this one.


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